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John XXIII and John Paul II: Two Catholic Saints and the Jews

Noam MaransThese two popes? personal narratives are inseparable from the Holocaust, and their reactions to the systematic genocide of the Jews played a critical role in the revolution in Catholic-Jewish relations.

Extend the Mideast Talks

Stanley BergmanThose truly committed to achieving a two-state solution recognize that extending the talks beyond the April 29 deadline set by Secretary of State John Kerry is imperative.

Jan Karski: An Authentic Hero

David HarrisThis year, we mark what would have been Jan Karski's 100th birthday. The more time goes by, the more I miss him. Precisely when his voice is needed more than ever.

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  • Reflections on Freedom
  • What can we do to prevent these tragedies? What is our response to the denial of freedom? What can we do to safeguard our children’s future and build a more secure world? For 107 years, these are questions that have guided AJC’s work.

  • Boston Seder Inspires Continued Quest for Freedom
  • "One of the wonderful features of the annual Seder is that it embeds in all who participate a passion for freedom while also challenging each of us to come to terms with what freedom means for oneself, one's community, and indeed all of humankind," said AJC Boston Director Robert Leikind.

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