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Letter from a City on Lockdown

Daniel SchwammenthalYou know something has gone awfully wrong when you get phone calls from friends and family in Israel who are worried about your personal safety in Europe's capital.

As Islamist Terrorism Increases, Some Respond? By Assailing Israel

David HarrisFor the AAA, as for the Swedish foreign minister and, it appears, too many EU nations, the path of least political resistance is to focus obsessively on Israel

Anti-Israel Anthropologists Defy Logic

Dan ElbaumIf a proposed resolution passes, Israeli universities will be the only academic institutions in the world boycotted by the 10,000-member American Anthropological Association

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  • AJC Boston Stands with the People of France
  • On November 20, AJC Boston sent a letter to French Consul General Valery Freland expressing solidarity with the people of France in the wake of the November 13 attacks. The letter was also signed by the leadership of other Jewish organizations around Boston.

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