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Israel's Reality

David HarrisIsrael is dealing with a situation that no other democratic country has had to face in recent years. What would our government do?

Hamas and Israel: A Clear Moral Distinction

Dan ElbaumThe reality could not be clearer. Those who cannot tell the difference between Israel?s actions and that of Hamas simply do not want to.

Reflections on Gaza From an Israeli Mother

David HarrisMidnight, and the sirens are blaring. The kids are long asleep. I have one minute to wake them up and get them to our shelter. Whom do I carry there first? My youngest daughter, or her older sister?my eldest child?who always finds it difficult to wake up, or my 10-year-old son? I somehow manage to get them all into the shelter and then back to bed after the all-clear sounds.

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  • Do Rallies for Israel Matter?
  • This is a time when those of us who understand the toxic threat posed by Hamas - to the Palestinian people, to Israel and to the stability and well-being of the entire international community - need to be heard and make our concerns understood.

  • The War with Hamas is a Tragedy
  • There is a growing consensus - from the right and the left - in Israel. The war with Hamas is a tragedy. The loss of civilian life - a direct result of Hamas' policy of turning them into human shields - is heartrending.

  • Rally To Support Israel
  • Join AJC Boston for a community-wide rally to support Israel this Thursday, July 17th at Congregation Mishkan Tefilah. Click the link above for more details.

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